News This Week-Dec. 1-7, 2008

Post date: Dec 7, 2008 7:12:59 PM

This has been a fairly busy week . We had a bake sale at a Catholic Holiday Bizarre in Muscoda on Saturday the 6th. Brendan got some new commissions for his icons, and sold some prints. There is also an upcoming newspaper interview for Brendan as an iconographer in the Muscoda Progressive.

We got some new floor boards for the church. They should be installed in one of the additions and in the Mothers' Room and closet soon.

Dimitri and Matushka Elizabeth went to Madison to purchase the insulation for our community building. Our very large barn will be renovated for this purpose and will include an Iconography studio and a workshop for the building of Church furniture. Dimitri will also be building shrines to sell on the Iconography website and for placing around the church property.