This is the home page for Saint John the Baptist Orthodox Christian Church,  (ROCOR), Blue River, Wisconsin.  We are a small parish in rural southwest Wisconsin, near the beautiful Lower Wisconsin State Riverway.  We have been located here in the wilds of Southwest Wisconsin for 20 years.  Our pastor is Father Thomas Kulp.

     Our Church building is housed in what used to be the granary--the oldest building on our small farm.  Twenty years ago our Bishop and his monks came and built us a beautiful Church.  In three weeks and with $3000 they put new walls inside and wood siding outside so that the old building was sandwiched inside a totally new structure.  It was small, but so was our congregation.  Many people came and went over the years, but our core of parishioners remained small. 
     Our children grew up, got married, and started having children of their own, and suddenly our Church was bursting at the seams.  Four years ago we began adding to the Church.  First we expanded on one side to give more room to the choir.  The next year we broke through the back wall and doubled the space for the congregation to stand.  This is an ongoing project, and contributions to this work would be greatly appreciated.

     In 2008 our son, Brendan Kulp, an Iconographer, began accepting private commissions to paint icons of all sizes.  His website can be viewed at

     We also have a workshop run by our son, Dimitri Kulp.  He builds and sells wooden icon shrines and prepares the gessoed boards that icons are painted on.  In the future he will also be building many other church and home items, including hand made coffins.